cover image Circle Under Berry

Circle Under Berry

Carter Higgins. Chronicle, $15.99 (52p) ISBN 978-1-79720-508-3

Using hand-painted paper to create brilliantly hued, shape-based forms that appear against a clean white backdrop, Higgins (Bikes for Sale) economically examines ways to observe color, shape, pattern, and position. On the opening spread, two true statements describe a berry’s position relative to a shape. On the spread’s verso, the berry of the title—a red diamond with a green stem—is suspended precisely above a yellow circle. On the recto, a second berry appears over a green square. “Circle under berry,” the first line reads; “berry over square,” states the second. A page turn builds on the concept, presenting four objects stacked in a vertical line and words that convey both position and differing elements (shape, color, or object) of each—“circle over berry/ under orange/ over square.” Soon, the elements begin to vary between shapes, colors, and animals (a frog, a guppy, a pig), drawing readers’ attention while achieving real grace as the items resolve into origami-like forms. Via “a stack of shapes” that “can make you think/ and wonder what you see,” Higgins offers seeds of conversations about naming and classification. Ages 2–4. Agent: Rubin Pfeffer, Ruben Pfeffer Content. (Sept.)