cover image Barrow of Winter

Barrow of Winter

H.M. Long. Titan, $15.95 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-80336-002-7

Changing focus from warrior-priestess Hessa (the heroine of Hall of Smoke and Temple of No God) to her adopted niece, Thray, Long moves this austere epic fantasy to the north of her Scandinavian-flavored world to follow Thray on a quest to learn about her immortality from her long-missing half siblings, the Winterborn. Children of the drowned god, Ogam, they each manifest different powers, including windwalking and icecarving, that only become apparent after they are ceremonially “blooded.” While Thray lacks obvious abilities, she has been trained in divining magic and is the only offspring who talks with their grandfather, the spirit of Winter itself. But even friends in cold places may not be enough to keep Thray and her homeland alive as the Winterborn plot to extend their rule south. Meanwhile, Thray’s coming-of-age has her reckoning with a deepening sense of the cost of being immortal. Long weaves an intricate world tapestry with colorful threads of myth and magic, though newcomers to the series may struggle to trace the patterns. Readers will want to stick with this stalwart heroine through her chilly treks and blood-stained battles. (Jan.)