cover image The Gluten-Free Cookbook

The Gluten-Free Cookbook

Cristian Broglia. Phaidon, $49.95 (432p) ISBN 978-1-83866-313-1

Italian chef Broglia debuts with an impressive compilation of hundreds of gluten-free recipes from around the world. Instead of suggesting ingredient substitutions for traditional dishes, he showcases fare normally made of or accompanied by naturally gluten-free grains, legumes, and starches. With dishes hailing from over 80 countries, Broglia shares both familiar recipes—such as jambalaya and shrimp and grits from the United States, and salted beef with root vegetables from Germany—as well as more adventurous fare including Paraguayan cheese flatbread, Turkish lentil balls, and a beef and peanut stew from Ghana that’s ladled over rice. Recipes start with brief introductions that provide fascinating histories—Hasselback potatoes, for instance, were dreamt up in 1953 by a trainee chef at the Hotel Hasselbacken in Stockholm—and straightforward instructions follow. Some of the ingredients—such as limoo amani (dried black limes) for the Iranian herb, bean, and meat stew—may be challenging to source, but Broglia offers plenty of helpful substitutions (for the chicken satay, he suggests using lemongrass if lemon leaves are unavailable). To close, he serves up an ample dessert section not lacking in satisfying choices, including, notably, baked coconut custards, a flourless chocolate cake, and almond brittle. This indispensable guide proves that good food knows no bounds or borders. (Jan.)