cover image Chandra’s Magic Light: A Story in Nepal

Chandra’s Magic Light: A Story in Nepal

Theresa Heine, illus. by Judith Gueyfier. Barefoot, $8.99 paper (40p) ISBN 978-1-84686-866-5

Heine and Gueyfier showcase the determined efforts of a Nepali girl named Chandra and her older sister to save enough money to purchase a solar lamp for their family, in hopes of helping their baby brother’s cough. Rich shades of red, emerald, and aqua give a sense of the vibrancy of the Nepali countryside, while a narrative detour into the stories of the gods of the sun and moon offers a topical entry point into Hindu beliefs. Several pages of endnotes provide a wealth of information about Nepal’s geography, demographics, and traditions. Ages 5–8. (June)