cover image Take It as a Compliment

Take It as a Compliment

Maria Stoian. Singing Dragon, $24.95 (100p) ISBN 978-1-84905-697-7

These twenty true stories of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault illustrated in comics form by Stoian are haunting, infuriating, and, while sadly all-too-familiar, powerful testaments of survival. In her graphic novel debut, illustrator Stoian is an art chameleon, adapting her style and use of color to each story. In the tale of a young girl groped on the subway, passengers are in plain black-and-white, while the hands reaching for her are rendered in nauseous greens and oranges. Stark black lines give way to sketchy pencils in a story of betrayal, and garish blocks of color depict a wordless story where the potential for danger looms as frighteningly as in any horror movie. Stories from women and men, submitted anonymously online or told to Stoian in interviews, reveal the many ways predators%E2%80%93strangers, friends, and intimate partners alike%E2%80%93take advantage of others' vulnerabilities. Included at the end is a guide to how to support survivors, get help as a survivor, and spot and intervene in instances of harassment or abuse. Eye-opening and lyrical. (Nov.)