cover image A Woman Like You: The Face of Domestic Violence

A Woman Like You: The Face of Domestic Violence

Vera Anderson. Seal Press (CA), $16 (80pp) ISBN 978-1-878067-07-4

Mandy Baker was sexually abused when she was eight. No one explained to her what had happened, and she was forbidden to talk about that night. Now, eight years later, Mandy is experiencing problems that she cannot solve on her own. She is constantly nauseous, especially around boys. She cannot participate in a romantic relationship, and it is impossible for her to communicate with her family. Increasingly confused by so many conflicting emotions, the girl finally seeks help. When she finds the courage to express what she has held inside for so long, her walls of silence are broken down. In this candid, stirring novel, Weinstein writes sensitively and believably about an important, timely issue. Ages 13-up. (Mar.)