cover image Red Army Faction Blues

Red Army Faction Blues

Ada Wilson. Route (Dufour, dist.), $18.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-901927-48-1

British author Wilson (Very Acme) brings the tumult of 1967 West Berlin vividly to life in this intriguing period thriller. The West German Protection of the Constitution Office assigns operative Peter Urbach to infiltrate the radical student socialist group, SDS, which has been protesting American involvement in Vietnam. To combat the disorder in the streets, the city’s leaders are contemplating reintroducing the Emergency Laws, last imposed under the Nazis in 1933, which would curtail freedom of movement and privacy of communication. Wilson sensitively explores Urbach’s ambivalence as he doesn’t hesitate to betray his new comrades even as he shares their vision of inventing “a new and original world in which imagination would seize power.” The full implications of Urbach’s actions and the role of Fleetwood Mac member Peter Green play out in sequences set in 1989. Resonances with the Occupy Wall Street movement make this novel’s themes timely. (Oct.)