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Ron van der Meer. Tango (IPG/Trafalgar Sq., dist.), $29.99 (12p) ISBN 978-1-909142-03-9

Van der Meer constructs six abstract paper sculptures that interpret six Chinese proverbs. “If there is a wave there must be a wind,” reads the opening spread; as six blue and violet panels lift and curl toward each other, a round white circle, suspended between them with string, spins in the air. Occasionally, the connections between the aphorisms and pop-ups feel tenuous, but most of the juxtapositions will encourage readers to think hard about the meaning of each saying. A pair of square and circular stacks with surprises hidden within hint at the nature of friendship, while a dense-looking sunburst that’s actually more air than paper appears on a spread that reads, “Count not what is lost, but what is left.” Ages 5–up. (Sept.)