cover image Escape from Bitch Mountain

Escape from Bitch Mountain

Edited by Hannah K. Chapman. Avery Hill, $13.95 trade paper (108p) ISBN 978-1-910395-44-8

This multi-story romp is a dungeon crawl with staff management commentary, which is as ridiculous as it sounds and funnier than it should be. Greasy, a yellow anthropomorphized dog with punk hair, wakes up extremely hung over in the bedroom of a medusa/cephalopod warlock, apparently after having had a very good time the night before. So begins Greasy’s journey, which is interspersed with her recollections of the recent past spent plundering a dungeon with rather pitiful monsters. She gains a little wisdom from the Aware Wolves, befriends a teen sphinx who can’t riddle, and has a colossal battle with an armored skeleton; along the way, she learns of all their various complaints against the dungeon’s assistant manager, whom she must finally confront to escape. The art styles vary considerably, never veering too close to realism but sharing a similar candy-colored scheme that unifies the look, recalling a group of skilled teens doodling with the same box of pens. This is demented fun for gamers of all stripes. (May)