cover image Ogadinma: Or, Everything Will Be All Right

Ogadinma: Or, Everything Will Be All Right

Ukamaka Olisakwe. Indigo, $17.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-911648-16-1

Olisakwe (Eyes of a Goddess) delivers a powerful tale of a young Nigerian woman yearning for freedom. At 17, Ogadinma’s resilience is tested by patriarchal violence, grief, and familial obligation. When Ogadinma’s father discovers she’s had an abortion, he sends her away from their home in Kano to stay with family in Lagos, all but ending her dreams of going to university. While in Lagos, she falls in love with Tobe, an older man, who turns violent after they are married and unjustly blames her for his business and legal troubles. After a series of misfortunes, abuse, and familial betrayals, Ogadinma must weigh the costs of forging her own path toward liberation. The twists and turns are fast-paced, creating a sequence of events that allows the reader to continue rooting for Ogadinma as she approaches insurmountable barriers. Olisakwe stunningly depicts how both Ogadinma’s and Tobe’s family members can be quick to protect and reject her with equal fervor. While Tobe is confronted by his uncle Ekene after a particularly brutal act of violence toward Ogadinma, Ekene remarks, “It is the family that bears the shame because the madman does not comprehend the concept of shame.” This smart, unforgettable novel sings out with an earnest hope for an end to intergenerational abuse. Agent: Claire Anderson-Wheeler, Regal Hoffmann & Assoc. (Mar.)