Kyle Theory: A Vulga Drawings Book

Lily O’Farrell. The Indigo Press, $16.95 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-911648-30-7
O’Farrell’s sketchily drawn cartoons, first rolled out over Instagram, get assembled into this fluffy introduction to feminist ideas and grievances, though there’s no breaking any new ground here. In a loose frame story, a woman educates an online troll—drawn as a green Shrek-like monster—on feminism. This leads into stand-alone gags ranging broadly across women’s issues such as sexual harassment, armpit hair, sexist movie tropes, and the preponderance of guys who respond to criticism with “not all men.” In the parlance of O’Farrell, “A ‘Kyle’ is anyone who reinforces sexism,” though women can be Kyles, too. Some of the longer pieces are wittiest, among them a survey of “Men Throughout History Who’ve Started Drama” (on Jesus: “Faked his own death, dramatic as hell”) and a list of creative uses for the red flags a bad-news dude will wave in warning. But the flat, clip art–esque style doesn’t add much humor or visual interest, and few of the jokes or political concepts are fleshed out beyond the simplest send-up. The formula works better in daily online posts or social media feeds, rather than in a printed volume. (Dec.)
Reviewed on : 11/24/2021
Release date: 11/01/2021
Genre: Comics
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