cover image Nose Knows: Wild Ways Animals Smell the World

Nose Knows: Wild Ways Animals Smell the World

Emmanuelle Figueras, illus. by Claire De Gastold. What on Earth, $21.99 (38p) ISBN 978-1-912920-07-5

Trunks, snouts, rostrums, muffles, beaks, and muzzles take center stage in this captivating investigation into the power of smell. Arranged by theme and loosely progressing from basic concepts (what smell is) to specific animal behaviors (lemurs’ penchant for attracting mates through stinky secretions; ants’ use of pheromones to communicate), each spread uses short text blocks to concisely present information on the sense’s specifics. Figueras adeptly presents complex concepts in accessible language: “Molecules that have a smell are called odorant molecules.” De Gastold’s realistic illustrations engagingly incorporate amusing details (an elephant teetering atop a ladder, horses pulling funny faces) and are augmented by lift-the-flap features that offer varying perspectives, zoomed-in views, and additional facts. A handy index amplifies the book’s usefulness as a reference. Ages 7–11. (Oct.)