cover image The Sicilian Wife

The Sicilian Wife

Caterina Edwards. Linda Leith (LitDistCo, North American dist.), $19.95 trade paper (280p) ISBN 978-1-927535-60-8

Edwards (The Lion's Mouth) brings to life complex characters in a mystery that intricately weaves Mafia intrigue with stories of family and romantic relationships that span two continents. In Sicily in the 1960s, Fulvia Arcuri, a young daughter of a Mafia kingpin, struggles with the pressures of duty and traditions in her conservative Sicilian family. Following several failed attempts to escape her controlling relatives, she secretly falls in love while studying law, but must renounce the relationship in dishonor when her partner's family rejects hers. She eventually escapes to Alberta, Canada, where she builds a new life, marries, and renounces her previous life. But her past is revived when her husband is murdered in Sicily. Marisa De Luca, the police chief investigating the murder, is struggling with her own history, and she must contend with the dangers of investigating the Mafia and fighting the prejudices of the male dominated precinct she commands. When the investigation takes Marisa to Alberta, she collaborates more successfully with Italian-Canadian police sergeant John Buonaiuto. Edwards builds a rich and complex story, moving smoothly between past and present and between Italy and Canada. She develops characters and story lines independently, and then connects them convincingly to build a credible and wonderful literary noir story of love, hate, deception, and revenge. (Apr.)