cover image THE JOY OF BURNOUT: How the End of the World Can Be a New Beginning

THE JOY OF BURNOUT: How the End of the World Can Be a New Beginning

Dina Glouberman, . . Inner Ocean, $14.95 (255pp) ISBN 978-1-930722-20-0

Glouberman (Life Choices, Life Changes), a founder of the Skyos Holistic Holiday Center, believes that burnout on the job is both destructive and positive. From her own experience, she knows that physical ailments and even serious illnesses can be symptoms of burnout that are too often ignored. However, Glouberman argues that burnout can be the first step to a new and happier life. "Burnout is, or rather can be, a door to walk through into a life with space, love and joy—indeed, a sense of being able to be one's true self.... Burnout is the result of having become better able to hear our soul but not yet daring to listen. Burnout demands that we listen." The author knew she had to change her life after publishing her first book and leaving her longtime job when she became ill and fatigued but unsure what to do next. Interspersed with Glouberman's advice and views on burnout are real-life anecdotes from the famous—e.g., the author Sue Townsend—to the ordinary who have coped with burnout. Contemplative exercises such as looking back at the end of a day or looking inside one's "House of Truth" may be helpful to imaginative readers. People eager for an explanation of why they're unhappy despite the exterior trappings of success may find the book comforting. However, it will be best appreciated by those already comfortable with a more spiritual and less practical approach. Readers uneasy with such phrases as "Give your soul a good home" or "Open up to a soul community" may prefer a more pragmatic approach, like Reclaiming the Fire, by Dr. Steven Berglas. (Oct.)

Forecast:Endorsements from Larry Dossey and Jack Canfield along with national publicity are likely to get this book off to a strong start.