The Great Life Diet: A Practical Guide to Heath, Happiness, and Personal Fulfillment

Denny Waxman, Author, Michio Kushi, Preface by Pegasus Books $13.95 (152p) ISBN 978-1-933648-26-2
This breezy beginner's guide to healthy, conscientious living from health and nutrition expert Waxman (Ten Steps to Strengthening Health) offers a number of attitudes and techniques for improving health, most notably a diet high in grains and other macrobiotics. Despite nearly 40 years of clean living, the former junk food addict is still able to connect in a direct manner with those just starting on the road to health. More a philosophy than a regimen, Waxman's seven steps encourage devotees to become more self-probing and self-aware. His rules include thinking about the contents of daily meals, eating two or three balanced meals every day centered around grains, and to eat slowly, chewing well. While much of his advice is practical (some might call it common sense), unusual (but harmless) tactics stretch credulity (a daily 10-15 minute rub-down with a warm, wet cotton cloth promises ""beautiful, new and younger looking skin""). Other rules include never reheating leftover vegetables, wearing only cotton clothing and a rather complicated system for figuring out which cooked foods can be mixed together on a plate. Few recipes are provided, so those looking for a variety of macrobiotic dishes will be better served elsewhere. Open-minded readers may find the book revelatory, but skeptics may also be swayed by Waxman's disarming charm.
Reviewed on: 04/02/2007
Release date: 04/01/2007
Ebook - 196 pages - 978-1-4804-3729-6
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