cover image Practical Recipes in Turkish Cuisine

Practical Recipes in Turkish Cuisine

%C3%96m%C3%BCr Akkor. Blue Dome, $14.95 trade paper (96p) ISBN 978-1-935295-48-8

The latest in an ever-growing line of releases from Akkor (Ottoman Cuisine) continues the tradition of a bare bones collection of culture-specific recipes. After a preface that briefly touches on the history of Turkish cuisine, Akkor jumps into the recipes which, unfortunately, lack any explanation regarding their inclusion or key flavors. Thankfully, they're simple, and paired with photos of every dish so readers can see what Zucchini Fritters, Red Lentil and Mint Soup, or Sour Okra with Chickpeas look like and will be able to imagine what they will taste like. Readers are left to their own devices to determine not only what sets quark cheese apart from other cheeses (not to mention where to find it) but why it's a crucial ingredient for Pastry with Spinach, or the puzzling explanation of how White Beans with Pastrami falls under the classification of "Turkish." Those interested in recreating Paradise Mud, a dessert incorporating lemon, butter, pistachios, cream or ice cream, and cinnamon, could use a definition of kadayif, described as a "string-shaped dough". Those intimately familiar with Turkish cuisine will enjoy this collection, but aficionados might not find it useful. (Sept.)