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Andy Burkholder. 2D Cloud, $22.95 ISBN 978-1-937541-22-4

Psychology, strangeness, and squiggles combine in a collection of 10 stories, all first published between 2010 and 2014, by up-and-coming indie cartoonist Burkholder (Qviet). The works show his broad range but also some questionable decisions. Highlights include a Michael DeForge–like focus on breaking objects into geometric shapes and a brilliant modern-day Steve Ditko–inspired story called “The Fury” in which an all-black humanoid fights against a morass of people drawn only as outlines, arguing philosophy the entire time. In both cases, Burkholder perfectly captures the essence of his inspirations in his panel constructions and layouts. “Craft” literally breaks down the nature of comics, taking semi-familiar images and devolving them to their most primitive elements until readers are left at one point with a simple X. Sadly, two stories feature implied violence against women, with “Fuck This” adding necrophilia to the mix along with a primitive, stick-figure style that doesn’t stand up to the other entries. Even in these early stories, Burkholder displays his desire to push the comics medium to its limits. (Apr.)