Collection of Auguries

Annie Q. Syed. McNally Jackson, $14 paper (172p) ISBN 978-1-938022-45-6
Syed presents a rich and engaging collection of short shorts that reveals hidden truths about the human condition and encourages readers to search for fuller understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. In some entries, the author uses dialogue between two characters to drive the narrative. Other stories are more traditional in their form, and address love, dreams, and memories. All are well crafted and rich in their sense of place; they use philosophic inquiry, scientific explanation, and ancient myth to examine the human experience. And while most of the stories run less than five pages, readers will find themselves pondering them long after finishing the collection. As the narrator of "Love Is Not a True Word" explains, "Some stories we understand better the more often we hear or read them. Other stories we can only understand the first time and thereafter we can never reach the same understanding." The meaning of Syed's stories will stick with readers like dreams throughout the day.
Reviewed on: 02/17/2014
Release date: 10/01/2013
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