cover image Tasting Home: Coming of Age in the Kitchen

Tasting Home: Coming of Age in the Kitchen

Judith Newton. She Writes, $16.95 paper (311p) ISBN 978-1-938314-03-2

Judith Newton has spent her life searching for home and family while pursuing an academic career. From seeking affection from her mother and time spent in communal living to her involvement in civil rights struggles, her choice to have a child, and the death of her best friend, Newton has marked the many phases of her life with food. Each chapter of this engaging memoir includes a recipe that relates to a corresponding time in Newton's life. Readers will find her story delightful and resonant%E2%80%94especially given the universal relationship between food and family. This is a well-paced coming-of-age story with all the right ingredients: honesty, well-drawn characters, and plenty of insight.