cover image Right of Capture

Right of Capture

Isadora Deese. Pelekinesis, $22.95 trade paper (460p) ISBN 978-1-938349-47-8

Fraternal twins born 12 years apart are only one of the scientific mysteries to be found in Deese’s science fantasy adventure, the first in a five-book cycle set in the present-day U.S. Roan has been held against her will in a silo for years (the exact location is never made clear), treated as a guinea pig by Dimond, the man her parents entrusted to keep her safe and train her unusual abilities. The secrets of her powers, like those of her brother, Judge, lie in the depths of her DNA, and these secrets have the potential to change the world. As Roan and Judge make desperate bids for freedom, their stories form a very small part of a much larger, potentially much more sinister picture, with threads unraveling as the siblings travel separately along the eastern seaboard with a variety of enemies and allies. Technical and complex, the story unwinds with the fast pace of a thriller, peppered with the nastiest aspects of sibling rivalry and family tension. Agent: Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates. (Oct.)