There Is No Mrs. Gezunterman: A Corporate Comedy

Kevin Mednick. Savvy, $9.99 paper (206p) ISBN 978-1-939113-04-7
"T.U.L.P. is a grassroots movement of plain ordinary people who think corporations ought to learn right from wrong just like the rest of us.... It's so unheard of, just the idea is shocking. But why? They're so much a part of our lives. Shouldn't they be good citizens too?” This is the driving question behind lawyer Mednick's (The Almost Life) new novel, which pits the little guys against the big guys in an all-out blitz against corporations. Mednick's writing is smooth, witty, and refreshing, his characters equally as enjoyable. Drawing upon his own experience as an assistant district attorney and associate council, Mednick crafts a believable yet slightly zany comedy in which three protagonists—a college graduate, a Russian immigrant, and an artist—come together to lead T.U.L.P. (Treat Us Like People), a group which brings the corporate world to its knees—almost—and ends in a captivating courtroom standoff.
Reviewed on: 04/22/2013
Release date: 01/01/2013
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