cover image Mister Black

Mister Black

P.T. Michelle. P.T. Michelle, $0 e-book (154p) ISBN 978-1-939672-18-6

Michelle (Gold Shimmer), who also writes as Patrice Michelle, entices and frustrates in this erotic first installment of her In the Shadows new adult series. Young teenager Talia has already lived a rough life%E2%80%94including being forced to be a drug courier by her mother's boyfriend%E2%80%94when she meets Mr. Black as she's fleeing an attempted mugging. Their first contact is brief, but Mr. Black still manages to give Talia dreams of a better future. When their paths cross eight years later, as college student Talia is trying to interview Mr. Black's sister, Talia doesn't know quite how to react%E2%80%94other than by sleeping with him. The characters show powerful chemistry and the plotting is complete with tantalizing bits of backstory, but the story ends on a cliffhanger and the entire novella raises more questions than it answers. That will undoubtedly annoy some readers even as they rush to download the next installments. (BookLife)