cover image The Raven’s Table

The Raven’s Table

Christine Morgan. Word Horde, $15.99 trade paper (306p) ISBN 978-1-939905-27-7

These original stories of Viking adventure ring with historical glory and drama, rising and falling in the rhythms of legends and myths passed down over the generations. Thriller and fantasy author Morgan (Murder Girls) taps into the power of fireside tales in a collection that is steeped in tradition and yet completely fresh. Previously published in various anthologies, these stories move from darkly magical (“The Barrow-Maid”) to frightening and horrific (“The Fate-Spinners”) without a moment to catch one’s breath. Lyrical stories of bold adventure (“In the Forests of the Far Land”) and triumph (“To Fetter the Fenris-Wolf”) offer relief from the tension, but are no less stirring than the grimmer ones. These works have the sure, solid feel of a talented author deeply engaged with her source material and genre. They’re an excellent read for those who enjoy myths and legends of all kinds. (Mar.)