cover image As Wings Unfurl

As Wings Unfurl

Arthur M. Doweyko. Red Adept, , $13.99 ISBN 978-1-940215-77-8

Doweyko (Algorithm) captures the reader’s attention with kick-butt action in a video game storytelling format. Newark native Apple Bogdanski, “a mortal soul, twisted by war, defeated by grief, and sullied by drugs,” is threatened by villains looking for a photograph. Angela is an investigator for the Consortium, a group that’s been monitoring Earth for centuries and populating it with aliens. Apple is not quite sure he believes Angela’s explanations of recent strange events. As puzzle pieces fall into place, the two gather their resources to thwart a conspiracy by rogue Consortium investigators. Fighting becomes fiercer as a deadline approaches, forcing Apple and Angela to muster cunning and determination to outthink the conspirators. There is enough attraction for the couple to be friends, but it’s hard to buy into a happily-ever-after for them; they’re drawn to each other but refuse to admit it. The secondary characters from Tibet and the nonstop action are the bedrock of this story. (Oct.)