cover image I Ain’t Got No Home in This World Anymore

I Ain’t Got No Home in This World Anymore

Mike Sauve. Montag, $17.99 trade paper (180p) ISBN 978-1-940233-51-2

This time travel farce reads like a Philip K. Dick plot as channeled by a delirious Hunter S. Thompson. Sam McQuiggan is a divorced drunk earning minimum wage at the local Good Feels Fitness gym. Things can’t get worse, but they suddenly get strange when Sam is visited by a wayward alternate future version of himself. The two Sams hit it off, binging on booze, crack, and fast food. Reflecting on how their lives went so horribly wrong, the two hatch a crazed plan: they will travel back to a parallel past and save their younger self from becoming another deadbeat. But once back in 2001, high school Sam appears to be enjoying the love life they always dreamt of, and the future Sams may have just ruined it all by getting young Sam implicated in the accidental killing of his former best friend. As Sam continues to time-hop, causing irreparable damage everywhere he goes, he steadily realizes that it isn’t his past lives he needs to fix, but rather his present self. Sauve (The Apocalypse of Lloyd) crafts an inventive, lurid meditation on our relationship with technology and former mistakes. It’s frequently hilarious and, by the end, wrenchingly poignant. (Sept.)