cover image Nun Too Soon: A Giulia Driscoll Mystery

Nun Too Soon: A Giulia Driscoll Mystery

Alice Loweecey. Henery (, $15.95 trade paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-940976-65-5

Last seen in 2013’s Veiled Threat, Giulia Driscoll fights injustice in this solid start to a series relaunch. The nun-turned-private investigator in Cottonwood, Pa., must now prove that Roger Fitch, the so-called Silk-Tie Killer, didn’t strangle his girlfriend, Loriela Gil. Everyone but Roger and his attorney is convinced he’s guilty. Roger has a motive, but Loriela had many enemies, any of whom could have killed her. Giulia’s search is set back by a sleazy, sensationalist reporter, and by Roger himself, who accuses her of not trying hard enough. Her husband, police detective Frank Driscoll, thinks she’s making a mistake in her effort to absolve Roger, and she begins to worry she may be helping a killer escape justice. After a promising start, the story drags in the middle but picks up speed toward the end, as it approaches the exciting and suspenseful climax. [em]Agent: Kent Wolf, Lippincott Massie McQuilkin. (Jan.) [/em]