cover image Tinderella


M.S. Harkness. Uncivilized, $14.95 (120p) ISBN 978-1-941250-37-2

Harkness's debut, a rambling autobiographical comic about searching for love and lust on Tinder, treads familiar ground, but the snappy comic timing makes stories about nightmare hookups and personal screwups feel fresh. Tired of sleeping with anonymous bodybuilders at the gym, Harkness's cartoon avatar, a scheming and scowling hot mess, decides to give dating another try. "I'm gonna reactivate my account and land me a slammin' hottie!" she exclaims to a friend. Harkness experiences the frustration of fishing through endless "hey" messages and the disappointment of learning that a promising CrossFit and yoga enthusiast's favorite movie is Fight Club, but the real crisis arrives when she meets someone she actually likes. Between dates, she draws, bikes around town, works out (she works out a lot, and seeks same), and tries to piece her life together. The tone ricochets between too-cool-for-school funny and emotionally raw, gradually revealing glimpses of Harkness's ugly family history and the darker side of life as a rootless aspiring artist. The clean black-andwhite art, replete with goofy cartoon moments (and some explicit sex scenes), evokes a carefully observed world of diners, trash-littered alleys, and lonely nighttime streets. In a crowd of autobiographical stories of 20-something life and love, Harkness manages to stand out from the pack. (Feb.)