cover image Broken Records

Broken Records

Lilah Suzanne. Interlude (, $15.99 trade paper (280p) ISBN 978-1-941530-57-3

Hollywood style meets Nashville charm in this sweet, sexy fling turned romance. Nico Takahashi has worked hard to build his business as an L.A. stylist. Success brings him disillusionment and fatigue with the shallow trivialities of celebrity culture. Then delectable country musician and playboy Grady Dawson shows up, seeking a new image and a new approach to his personal life. Sparks fly and Nico decides to follow Grady on a tour through the south. The two men get to know each other amid stolen moments and delightful, gentle ribbing, until Nico realizes that what he’d expected to be a brief affair is becoming much more. Nico remains charming and sympathetic as he struggles with questions about whether he can love Grady while sharing him with hordes of adoring fans, and tries to figure out what satisfaction and fulfillment might look like. Readers will enjoy this straightforward, charming tale. (Dec.)