cover image Abomination


Gary Whitta. Inkshares (, $15.99 trade paper (370p) ISBN 978-1-941758-33-5

A reluctant knight battles an unspeakable horror in Whitta’s epic tale, a well-written debut that skillfully blends science fiction, historical fantasy, and spiritual themes. In 888 C.E., after nearly 100 years of bloody battles with invading Norsemen, Alfred, England’s last remaining king, has finally established an uneasy peace. But grumblings from the Danes have the wary king on edge, and when a cache of ancient spells is discovered, he grudgingly allows his archbishop, Aethelred, to study them as a means of raising an unholy defense. The results are bone-chillingly macabre, leading Alfred’s most trusted knight, Wulfric—a wildly conflicted pacifist—to abandon his idyllic postwar life and fight the uncontrollable evil that a coldly obsessed and maniacal Aethelred has unleashed. Screenwriter Whitta’s pacing is superb and more than makes up for any sacrifices to character development as he takes readers on a tense, nail-biting ride. Though many will see a late plot twist coming from a mile away, that in no way diminishes the satisfaction felt when it’s revealed. Agent: United Talent Agency. (July)