cover image Rescuing Rose

Rescuing Rose

Susan Pope Sloan. Wild Heart, $15.98 trade paper (322p) ISBN 978-1-942265-62-7

Sloan debuts with a suspenseful Civil War romance brimming with danger and forbidden longing, the first in her Rescued Hearts of the Civil War series. In 1864 Roswell, Ga., Rose Carrigan’s life is upended when Union soldiers burn down the cotton mill where she and her sister work, and assume control of the town. Capt. Noah Griffin is the Union soldier leading the charge, though he’s disturbed by the extent of the destruction. After Noah rescues the Carrigan sisters from some ill-intentioned Union soldiers, he’s immediately drawn to Rose’s rebellious, independent spirit. Rose, meanwhile, is confused by the interest of the enemy soldier—whom she keeps serendipitously encountering whenever she needs help. Slowly, Noah and Rose grow closer, but their trust is severed after she helps hide a Confederate soldier, an act Rose justifies because her “Christian duty involve[s] helping those in need, not taking sides in a political battle.” Though driven by a few improbable plot turns (the many run-ins between Rose and Noah seem unlikely), this works as a satisfying meditation on loving one’s enemies. Fans of historical romance will delight in this earnest tale. (Jan.)