On Stranger Shores

S.E. Blair. Mother Spider, $14.97 (384p) ISBN 978-1-943322-07-7
Debut author Blair’s first chapter in the Suns of Humanity series contains plenty of sex, violence, and unconvincing world-building. After a 2012 government shutdown forced the closure of military bases in the U.S., the alien Kryllans easily conquered the planet. Eleanor Hardy, an ex-soldier and former cat burglar, undertakes a desperate mission to save Earth from the Kryllans, especially her abusive master, General Cuellen. Stowing away on a spaceship, she travels light years to beg for help from the Great Interspecies High Council of the Galactic Council of Species, where she finds a sympathetic ear in the senior vice chancellor, Lord Llazaleo Ben’Jonimon of Araka. Quite taken with the brave, sexy human woman, Llazaleo and his friend Dr. Arganao Baschier vow to help, undertaking an investigation that finds the Kryllans involved in manufacturing drugs, mass rape, and selling human babies. Blair balances planet-saving with enough sexual hijinks and romantic complications to entertain adventurous romance fans. (June)
Reviewed on: 04/25/2016
Genre: Fiction
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