Miriam Greystone. City Owl, $13.99 trade paper (261p) ISBN 978-1-944728-04-5
Debut author Greystone's series launch is a sweet, slight fantasy romance without a lot of worldbuilding. Dr. Amy works days in a humans' emergency room in South Dakota and evenings in her home clinic, which serves pixies, gnomes, and any other supernatural creatures who happen by. Though she heals them all with equal skill, she doesn't expend her true power—until the night a dying centaur requires everything she's got. The magical display acts as a beacon, and Amy is exposed as Asa, a mage whose generous actions inadvertently doomed her clan. Refusing to run, she lets the other mages capture her, even knowing it's a death sentence. But while she's awaiting execution, she's whisked away by Rowan, a powerful and alluringly masculine forest spirit who demands Asa's cooperation in a quest to save his father and the land Rowan serves. Predictable though the plotting is, the story offers unusual details that keep the reading experience fresh; an infant earth spirit running amok in Rowan's house is a moment not soon forgotten. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 08/22/2016
Genre: Fiction
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