cover image Holy Crap! The World Is Ending!

Holy Crap! The World Is Ending!

Anna-Marie Abell. Alien Abduction, $15.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-947119-01-7

A trip to the bookstore brings about new love and a desperate plan to save humanity in Abell’s smart debut. Autumn’s life is turned upside down when her search for a book on the paranormal results in an encounter with Rigel, an ancient Anunnaki alien. Rigel informs her that the Anunnaki created humans to help them mine for gold to protect their homeworld, Nibiru. Autumn and Rigel share an inexplicable connection, but their romance is forbidden by Anunnaki law. To make matters worse, Nibiru is headed toward Earth, and one of its moons is on course to collide with Autumn’s planet, the news of which causes society to break down. Autumn and Rigel battle against desperate humans and one very disgruntled Anunnaki on their mission to utilize the Ark of the Covenant to save mankind. The blend of humor and action works wonderfully, but the romantic scenes between Autumn and Rigel feel out of place in an otherwise rip-roaring story. (BookLife)