cover image Big Girl Pill

Big Girl Pill

K.D. Williamson. Dirt Road, $15.95 e-book (406p) ISBN 978-1-947253-37-7

Williamson (Drawing the Line) makes an emotional case for following one’s heart in the face of self-doubt and intolerance in this sweet queer romance. In college, out and proud lesbian Maya Davis slept with her best friend and long-standing crush Nina Sterling, only for Nina to reject her the next morning. Two years later, Nina is engaged to a man and asks Maya to be a bridesmaid, despite the weirdness that’s lingered between them since their one-night stand and the protestations of her bigoted mother. When Maya arrives in Asheville, N.C., she tries to convince herself that being part of the wedding will help her to finally move on, but seeing Maya again leads Nina to have second thoughts about getting married. Maya and Nina’s alternating perspectives reveal the depths of their emotions but also their years’ worth of communication issues. Supporting characters, including Nina’s quirky cousin Rachel and Maya’s competitive twin brother, enhance the plot. This gratifying love story is sure to satisfy any hopeless romantic. (Dec.)