cover image Teeth of the Wolf

Teeth of the Wolf

Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray. Raw Dog Screaming, $16 trade paper (236p) ISBN 978-1-947879-07-2

The stakes are high in the second Path of Ra supernatural adventure (after Hounds of the Underworld), set in 2046 Auckland, which embroils scientific consultant Penny Yee and her haunted brother, Matiu, in a new mystery. After two bodies surface bearing the same strange tattoo, Penny believes the deaths to be linked. Matiu is hounded by his old supernatural friend, Makere, and the death of one of his prison buddies makes Penny suspect that her brother is somehow tangled up in the case. Penny and Matiu must go up against the literal demons of their past to solve the mystery. The story is brimming with energy and suspense as readers learn more about the sometimes contentious relationship between Penny and Matiu, as well as the mythological lore behind the demons that haunt New Zealand. Fans of the first book will enjoy this new chapter, and new readers will appreciate Murray and Rabarts’s inventive, fantastical spin on crime drama. (Oct.)