cover image Little Loon Finds His Voice

Little Loon Finds His Voice

Yvonne Pearson, illus. by Regina Shklovsky. Collective Book Studio, $17.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-951412-33-3

In this endearing picture book, Little Loon desires nothing more than to emulate Papa’s long and strong calls—a tremolo, wail, hoot, and yodel—whereas Little Loon only makes peeps and squeaks. Employing the refrain “Papa’s call was long./ His call was strong./ It echoed on the water,” Pearson presents a number of situations in which Papa’s calls serve to protect Mama and Little Loon. Lyrical prose follows Little Loon’s growth: “Until one day, as the sun tipped over the trees, Little Loon danced upon the water, flapped his wings, and rose through the crisp air.” Onomatopoeia is conveyed in engaging typography, while Shklovsky contributes sweetly expressive, intricate watercolor and pencil illustrations in a soft palette, employing captivating angles and dynamic spreads to hold readers’ attention. This illuminating tale simultaneously serves as a primer on the loon and a satisfying, well-paced chronicle of progress. Back matter includes more information about loons. Ages 5–7. [em](Sept.) [/em]