cover image Clara Thorn, the Witch That Was Found

Clara Thorn, the Witch That Was Found

Don Jones. Don Jones, $22.99 (412p) ISBN 978-1-953645-08-1; $15.24 paper ISBN 978-1-953645-07-4

A seemingly ordinary teen uncovers latent magical powers after entering a fantastical world in this enchanting fantasy novel by Jones, a heartfelt ode to family. Because of her parents constantly moving house, 13-year-old Clara Thorn has never felt like she belonged anywhere. Now settled in Las Vegas, Clara determines that her new school is no different than the six others she’s attended: she can’t seem to make friends, and classmates bully her for her appearance and her family’s financial struggles. One day after school, Clara accidentally stumbles into a realm called Underhill, a magical reality that exists alongside her own world. It’s there that Clara learns that she and her family are not related by blood, and that she was born to magic-wielding parents who had to abandon her for her protection. To hone her budding abilities, Clara attends Liginbaum’s School for Witches in Underhill, the first place she’s ever felt like she belonged. Clara is a mature and whip-smart protagonist who often reads as older than 13 and whose tenacious nature makes her easy to root for as she navigates the many dangers and pitfalls of her newly magical existence. Clara is portrayed on the book’s cover with brown skin. Ages 10–up. (Self-published)