cover image The Last Daughter

The Last Daughter

Alexis L. Menard. Alexis L. Menard, $14.99 trade paper (412p) ISBN 978-1-958673-03-4

Menard (the Eternal Night series) launches a new series with this heart-pounding, Norse mythology–inspired fantasy romance about a war between gods, humans, and the fae folk—and the unlikely woman at the center of it all. Ailsa has spent her whole life preparing to die young from the disease that killed her mother. After the rest of her family is killed in battle by the fae Vali, Ailsa is left as the Last Daughter, a prophesied position capable of wielding great power—if she chooses to accept it. She strikes a deal with Vali to save the rest of her village, agreeing to travel with him to the home of Odin, king of gods, to whom Vali aims to offer Ailsa’s nascent power, in a process that will likely kill her. Along the way, however, Vali and Ailsa uncover a surprising and conflicted connection that turns to unexpected love. Nonstop action, a surprisingly believable enemies-to-lovers romance, and plenty of steamy scenes keep the pages flying. Fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses will want to check this out. (Self-published)