cover image The World Deserves My Children

The World Deserves My Children

Natasha Leggero. Gallery, $27.99 (230p) ISBN 978-1-982137-07-6

In her irreverent debut, comedian and Chelsea Lately regular Leggero shares musings on motherhood in a series of wise-cracking essays. “I decided to become a mom when I was in my prime, but the world most certainly was not,” she quips about getting pregnant “no matter how bad” politics and climate change threatened to turn, at age 42 (using eggs frozen when she was 38). No topic is off-limits; Leggero bares all about “geriatric pregnancy,” breastfeeding, parental anxiety, and her conversion to “Jew-by-choice.” She mocks her husband, joking she’d have to be drunk to parent like a father (“Don’t use Dawn on her! She’s a baby not a duck after an oil spill”), and resolutely defends having only one child. Her brand of humor includes crossing-the-line bits like referring to Woody Allen and Soon-Yi’s coupling as “the greatest love story of our time” and recalling that as a tween she “thought abortion was hilarious.” Parents without the luxury of a nanny may also raise eyebrows when yet another celebrity laments lack of leisure time. Still, behind the snark, Leggero conveys tender endearment for her four-year-old daughter. All in all, this will induce grins from stand-up fans who’ve been missing shows because they can’t get a babysitter. [em]Agent: Cait Hoyt & Anthony Mattero, CAA. (Nov.) [/em]