Did I Say You Could Go

Melanie Gideon. Simon & Schuster, , $16.99 ISBN 978-1-982142-12-4
Gideon’s suspenseful latest (after Wife 22) follows a wealthy, manipulative Bay Area mom’s obsession with a friend. Seven years after single mom Gemma Howard distanced herself from her overbearing friend Ruth Thorne, the two reconnect after Ruth publicly defends Gemma’s integrity following a cheating scandal involving an employee at the test prep company she runs. Though their kids were once close, Gemma’s popular 15-year-old Bee shines in contrast to Ruth’s introverted daughter Marley, whom Ruth alternately browbeats and showers with praise. While friendless Marley has to contend with Ruth locking her into her room so she won’t binge-eat at night, Bee feels lonely despite all the attention. Needy, moody, and wielding her wealth like a weapon, Ruth consistently offers Gemma monetary support with the unspoken message that Gemma owes her all her time and attention. In the meantime, rumors about Ruth, Gemma, and their kids swirl on an anonymous mom app. Matters take a turn for the worse once Gemma begins dating and tries to disentangle from Ruth. Along the way, there’s catfishing, sabotage, and other dirty dealings. Gideon does an excellent job infusing her protagonists with realistic traits, making even the insufferable Ruth seem heartbreakingly human. Gideon delivers the goods. (Aug.)
Reviewed on : 06/10/2021
Release date: 08/01/2021
Genre: Fiction
Downloadable Audio - 978-1-7971-2424-7
Compact Disc - 978-1-7971-2426-1
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