cover image The Planetsider

The Planetsider

G.J. Ogden. Ogden Media, $14.95 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-983716-72-0

In this action-packed debut, Ogden introduces Ethan, a member of the ranger force of the Forest Gate settlement on a postapocalyptic world known only as “the planet,” who discovers two visitors from the moon. Ethan hopes the crash-landed arrivals can explain why some people succumb to the Maddening, an affliction that turns people into violent monsters. Unbeknownst to those still living on the planet, the destruction was caused between two moon settlements that were vying for economic dominance and remain locked in a bitter war. The more he learns, the less he trusts the outsiders, but Ethan agrees to assist them mostly because of his fascination with one of them, Maria Salus. When Ethan reaches the moon, both of the warring groups want his cooperation, and Ethan must decide the future of their communities as well as his own. Though the emotional moments are occasionally flawed, the strong action sequences and thoughtful worldbuilding make this one worth picking up for fans of plot-driven SF. (BookLife)