cover image Rabbits


Terry Miles. Del Rey, $28 (432p) ISBN 978-1-984819-65-9

Seemingly benign coincidences become clues to a mind-bending scavenger hunt in Miles’s outstanding debut technothriller, set in the world of his podcast of the same name. Protagonist K’s first experience with the underground, alternate reality game known as Rabbits resulted in a friend’s death—and nearly his own as well. But when his parents died soon thereafter, gaming became his escape, and Rabbits his obsession. The game, which is shrouded in secrecy, sends players chasing after wild conspiracies—and it’s said to be manipulated by “something out there watching from somewhere else, staring into our world from an infinite darkness.” Now a new round is starting and a billionaire rumored to be one of the few-ever winners reaches out to K for help, telling him that the game is broken and, if it goes unfixed, it could spell the apocalypse. K and his girlfriend, Chloe, must enter the game, following the clues to fix whatever’s gone wrong. But as an increasing number of players die or disappear, will K and Chloe be next? Miles masterfully combines mystery, danger, and scientific theory to bring the game to life until readers are just as caught up in searching for the next clue as the characters themselves. It’s a wild ride and it proves impossible to put down.[em] (June) [/em]