They Never Saw You Coming: 6 Steps to a Self-Metamorphosis

Sandy Sahota. Sandy Sahota, $16.99 trade paper (158p) ISBN 978-1-9991068-0-5
In response to many self-help books’ emphasis on positive thinking, Sahota provides underdeveloped advice on transforming the self in his unconvincing debut. During a bout of unemployment, Sahota reads hundreds of books on self-improvement and found that “positivity seems to be the holy grail of answers to all your issues. Just one problem: it doesn’t work.” His refreshing stance on the ineffectiveness of positive thinking, as well as encouragement that anyone can be amazing, will reward those who have tried thinking positively and failed. However, the author’s main method of motivating the reader is scare tactics based on unproven science and conjecture. As with the scolding chapter titles—“Your Diet Is Destroying You” and “You Are Brainwashed”—Sahota’s prose is littered with hyperbole and bold claims made without evidence, such as “If you think an illness has been passed on through genes, consume live energy in an attempt to cure it.” The author emphasizes ridding the body and mind of nebulous toxins in order to “heal” enough to receive positive energy. These toxins include violent television, meat, and bad news. Meditation, experiencing nature, and exercise are championed as salves, as is a strict plant-based diet. The book concludes with a detailed table of the author’s personal metamorphosis, including physical statistics. While Sahota claims his new outlook and life are now “effortless,” readers will not be swayed by this dubious health guide. (BookLife)
Reviewed on : 08/08/2019
Genre: Nonfiction
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