cover image The Great American Gold Rush

The Great American Gold Rush

Rhoda Blumberg. Bradbury Press, $17.95 (135pp) ISBN 978-0-02-711681-6

An important and compelling period of our country's history is brought to life in Blumberg's account, with its exciting, ``you-are-there'' quality. Drawn extensively from primary sources, the material includes extracts and quotations from letters, diaries and newspapers, as well as reproductions of period cartoons, posters, ads and sketches. Footnotes and maps expand the text in which a handsome typeface is framed by wide margins on generously sized pages, creating an open, inviting look. Much information on 19th-century attitudes toward minorities and women--and the effects of those attitudes during the Gold Rush era--is presented. However, the inclusion of blacks and Indians in the ``Foreigners'' chapter subtly reinforces racist views. An excellent index and a bibliography are provided for this book which vividly illustrates the constant influences of history on our lives and times. Ages 11-13. (Sept.)