cover image Crazy Clothes

Crazy Clothes

Niki Yektai. Bradbury Press, $12.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-02-793692-6

In a mad orgy of ridiculous fun, young Patrick attempts to show his mother that he is old enough to dress himself. Mother watches with happy expectations as Patrick withdraws his pants from his drawer and says, ``You're tired of being pants. You want to be a hat today,'' and puts them on his head. He pulls his sweater sleeves over his legs and asks, ``Hold it! Have you gone crazy too?'' For a while Mom watches goodnaturedly but soon begins to check her watch. After a while, she surveys her son with socks on his hands and shoes on the wrong feet and says, ``I'm beginning to think you're not grown up enough to dress yourself.'' She counts to 100 as Patrick hastily rearranges himself and emerges impeccably dressed. Yektai's blithe story is chock-full of child-size silliness. Stevenson's colorful and humorous drawings lend generous dollops of lighthearted fun. Ages 4-7. (April)