cover image A Blue Fire: Selected Writings

A Blue Fire: Selected Writings

James Hillman. HarperCollins Publishers, $24.95 (323pp) ISBN 978-0-06-016132-3

For Jungian psychoanalyst Hillman, who has won a following with such books as Re-Visioning Psychology , the psyche is a polytheistic battleground, words are carriers of soul between people and dream images are ``necessary angels'' demanding a response. Readers who have found Hillman's therapeutic approach impractical or abstruse will welcome this compact, highly readable anthology of his writings--edited in collaboration with Hillman and encompassing hard-to-find books, articles and lectures. The selections reveal Hillman as a systematic thinker who adopts an open-ended attitude toward the mind, seeking out mythic archetypes and fantasies at work in family conflicts, in politics, war, the workplace--and in the betrayals and raptures of love. (Oct.)