cover image The Flame of Peace: A Tale of the Aztecs

The Flame of Peace: A Tale of the Aztecs

Deborah Nourse Lattimore. HarperCollins Publishers, $14 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-06-023708-0

In an ancient Aztec city, the death of a peace negotiator prompts his son, Two Flint, to set out on a journey. He hopes that Lord Morning Star will entrust him with the New Fire of peace. But nine evil demons block his path; Two Flint wisely sizes up his adversaries and uses the frailties of one demon to defeat another. Lattimore's compelling tale is based on the real Alliance of Cities, which marked the beginning of many years of peace. This well-crafted story is a welcome vehicle through which much can be learned about the most advanced ancient civilization in the Western Hemisphere. Lattimore's vibrant full-color art is a triumphant mixture of symbolism and dramatic storytelling. Figures in the style of drawings from the period are authentically executed in sparkling colors on a mottled background, reminiscent of animal skin or bark paper. Even the end papers of this beautiful book enhance the visual content by providing a key to the objects and symbols within. Ages 5-8. (September)