cover image To Sin with a Stranger

To Sin with a Stranger

Kathryn Caskie, . . Avon, $6.99 (354pp) ISBN 978-0-06-149100-9

Both plot and historical ambience fall by the wayside in Caskie's Regency romance series launch. The seven Sinclair siblings, known collectively as the Seven Deadly Sins, are forced from their ancestral home in Scotland by their father, who insists they mend their ways in London or be disinherited. Sterling Sinclair's attempt to provide for his family by prizefighting is nearly derailed by his interest in—and disastrous encounters with—the beautiful Isobel Carrington. Unfortunately, the Sinclairs are nearly indistinguishable, despite each one's association with a different sin, and Isobel's interest in social causes is as unconvincing as her sudden emotional shifts and eccentric behavior. Caskie (How to Propose to a Prince ) tosses in so many violations of period norms and etiquette that the Sinclairs' shock value drops to nil, leaving nothing to anchor the story. (Dec.)