cover image OK Go


Carin Berger, . . Greenwillow, $17.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-06-157666-9

Not to be confused with the rock band of the same name, Berger's (The Little Yellow Leaf ) latest is visually and verbally raucous even as its environmental message is (comparatively) subtle. “GO!” shouts the opening text, as peapod-shaped vehicles sputter and race across the page. They are helmed by a diverse cast of collaged birdlike citizens, animals (and even flowers). Buttons, disks and magazine clippings serving as heads, wheels and outlandish apparel. The pages grow increasingly crowded with vehicles as well as with the word “go,” creating a frenetic rush-hour vibe. A gray spread of smoggy clouds and a big “Uh-oh!” reveals the price of all the traffic, and a lone figure yells “Stop!” into a megaphone on the following page. The cars “screech!” to a halt, and a final foldout spread reveals green alternatives—dozens of the figures march, bike and skateboard against a sage-green backdrop, along with cheeky environmental suggestions (“Use your feet, Pete,” “Conserve, Merve”). The detailed scenes and wackily endearing characters (made from recycled materials, natch) invite poring over. Ages 2–5. (May)