cover image When It Happens to You: 
A Novel in Stories

When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories

Molly Ringwald, read by the author. HarperAudio, unabridged, digital download, 6.25 hrs., $12.99 ISBN 978-0-06-223995-2

In her literary debut, actress Molly Ringwald’s collection of interlinking stories explores the lives and relationships of a variety of everyday people (a housewife, an elderly woman, even a former child star much like the author herself) and unites these very different people in surprising ways. In this audio edition, Ringwald proves as good a reader as she is an actress: her narration is crisp, well paced, and passionate. With just slight vocal modifications, she provides her characters with distinct voices. Additionally, she subtly alters her tone and cadence to highlight moments of tension and drama. From the very start, listeners will find it easy to get lost in Ringwald’s narration and stories. An impressive display of both prose and performance. An HC/It hardcover. (Aug.)